Our Community Garden

We built a community garden in Chicago's Woodlawn Neighborhood this summer. Our volunteer coordinator Pete came up with the design and put the plan into action.

Building the Garden Border

Logan and Kejuan dug out the interior of the garden and helped us lay the surrounding border and tarps. It was raining, but they kept up the work til we got it done.

Levelling the Soil

Some volunteer students from the University of Chicago helped us level the earth and clean up the area. We started with a big mound of dirt.

Planning the Garden

Shipharh and Darnell helping to plan the garden out.

We didn't really know what to plant, but Shiphrah came up with this sweet schematic to help us lay it out.

Garden Care

Once we got the seedlings in, we had to patiently water them day after day.

Darnell and Shiphrah helped, with Brendan and Cheryl there to remind them. And before long the garden was sprouting up.

4th of July Barbeque

We had a barbeque at the garden for Independence Day. Shiphra and Michael clearly enjoyed the salad straight from the garden.

The kids also had a squirt gun fight, to, um, honor the revolutionary war or something.

Late Summer, Still Harvesting Tomatoes

Not all of the garden took off, but the cherry tomatoes were doing great all the way into late August. Claire, Darius and Shiphrah picked some this day.

We even got some of our sunflowers growing by the end.